Problems in WordPress paginating a category template

Trying to add paging to a category template in WordPress has been a 404 error strewn pain in the neck. However, I now have the answer. Or at least: an answer In one of my sites, I have a category that I want to present differently to the rest of the content on the site. I’ve created a category-categoryname.php template in the WordPress directory and customised it to my heart’s content. So far so good. But as soon as I add paging to query_posts, the first page displays fine, but going to /page/2 404’s. I read through many alternate ways Read More

PHP integration with Twitter API 1.1

I got caught out by the recent disabling of the Twitter API 1.0, like many others it seems. I knew it was coming. However I’d held off in the hope that Twitter would see sense on these changes, but apparently not. It was time to add my token few hours into the vast amount of web-development hours wasted as a result of the Twitter API changes. I have a simple setup on a few websites, just to retrieve the last few tweets from a timeline and show them on part of my webpage. This is publicly available information, so a Read More