Problems in WordPress paginating a category template

Trying to add paging to a category template in WordPress has been a 404 error strewn pain in the neck. However, I now have the answer. Or at least: an answer In one of my sites, I have a category that I want to present differently to the rest of the content on the site. I’ve created a category-categoryname.php template in the WordPress directory and customised it to my heart’s content. So far so good. But as soon as I add paging to query_posts, the first page displays fine, but going to /page/2 404’s. I read through many alternate ways Read More

WordPress Custom Menus

I decided I wanted to change how the top menu on this blog was working, so started in my usual manner: look at source code of header.php in the theme and start altering the WordPress calls to wp_list_categories to include or exclude certain categories. My intention was to separate my posts about HTML5 elements into separate menu link so they all appear together, then have Home showing all posts except the HTML5 ones to avoid them overwhelming the rest of the (infrequently posted!) content. Poking around in the Graphene theme though things weren’t so obvious (no calls to wp_list_categories), so Read More