Unilever sustainability statement

UniLever CEO, huge industrial resource-processor, makes most important sustainability statement I've read this year http://t.co/NRei20kYir

— Rick Robinson (@dr_rick) October 8, 2013

An impressive environmental statement from Paul Polman, CEO of Unilever
, muses on the limitations of our current capitalist approach and considers how we can sustainably build on this.

Installing IBM Worklight 6.0 on Windows 7

I installed IBM Worklight 6.0 following the instructions on the IBM Worklight installation page Generally my focus is on web-development and on delivering a ‘one web‘ experience using responsive design to allow a website to adapt to whatever device is accessing it (N.B. the one web article is great, make sure to read it at least once!). I do recognise that there are cases where ‘mobile apps’ are preferred either for access to device features, offline behaviour or just because that is what the customer wants. In these cases I’d rather create a hybrid app that is basically using my Read More