HTML5 elements

When I first learnt HTML4 and CSS I did it by digesting the formal spec, section by section. Seemed like the best way to learn it, straight from the horses mouth. I’m pretty conversant with the current set of HTML5 elements, but mainly from second hand reading of books / blog posts; also the spec is still in flux, so I thought a similar exercise would be useful again. Rather than try and tackle it in one go and get indigestion, I thought ‘how about reading up on a tag a day’. So here we are: I’ve created a new category on the blog to force myself to write about them as writing something in your own words helps with understanding and recollection.

To get going, I’ve decided to tackle things in a somewhat random order mainly just to get started (a blank sheet of paper is the hardest part, right). So I’ll be jumping in somewhat unpredictibly with the <small> element.

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